Desktop Browsers

Browser HTML5 Flash
Chrome 40+ yes yes
Firefox 35+ yes yes
Internet Explorer 9+ yes* yes
Safari 9+ yes yes

*Flash will be used on IE9 for rendering all video

Mobile Devices

Device Operating System Devices
Safari on iPhone iOS 8+ iPhone 4s through current
Safari on iPad iOS 8+ iPad 2 through current
Chrome on Android Android 4.0+ Any running Android 4.0


Mobile Limitations

There are limitations to video playback on mobile devices compared to desktop browsers:

  • Auto-starting a video on page load is not possible on mobile
  • Playing multiple videos at the same time is not possible
  • JW Player will not work with Flash for Android.
  • Changing the mute state and volume is not possible on mobile
  • On iPhone only, video is only played in fullscreen mode. On iPad and Android, video can be played either windowed or in fullscreen

Network requirements 

In addition to meeting the minimum viewing requirements, the following URL's need to be accessible via your network:

  • PORT: 80 & 443
  • *
  • *
  • *
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